Bus Tour Service

You can buy your tickets now with a 10% discount and free cancellation up to 24 hours before.


  • It operates every day of the year.
  • The low season schedule (November to February) is from 10:00 to 18:00.The high season schedule runs from March to October from 9:00 to 22:00. The starting time is the time of departure from the departure points for each route, and the end time is the time when the buses return to the terminals.
  • The ticket is valid for all the routes for 1 or 2 days, depending on which option you have chosen.
  • You can use the Madrid tourist bus with both one-day tickets and two-consecutive-days tickets, provided that there are free seats and you show that you have a valid ticket for that day.
  • Passengers should remain seated throughout the excursion for their own safety.
  • We inform about the service disruptions, we recommend you visit the website the specific day you are going to use the service. 

The following are strictly forbidden: 
Lifting or waving any objects above head height.
Throwing any type of objects or packages.
Adopting any position apart from the normal sitting position on the seats.

  •  On the days when the tours are cancelled, due to traffic interruptions, passengers will be informed through notices at the bus stops.
  •  Complaint forms are available upon request.
  • Passengers will not be entitled to a refund of the purchase price in the event of bad weather, or changes to the bus services due to any event/cause that is beyond the control of UTE Madrid City Tour.
  • You should keep your ticket on you during the route, as a company employee may ask to see it at any time. If you lose it you will not be able to board the bus, or continue with the route.


  • General information

    How often do the buses pass by the stops? 

    The current operational frequency ranges from 30 to 40 minutes. However, these frequencies may vary, because of traffic, number of people at stops, and others.

    It is advisable to download the City Tour Wordlwide app to locate the bus in real time. 

    The frequency of the buses means that you can do the whole route throughout the day up until 80 minutes or 65 minutes before the bus services finish for the day. The 16.40 and 20.40 buses (depending on the season) are the last ones which will allow you to do the whole of route 1. The 16.50 and 20.50 buses (depending on the season) are the last ones for route 2.

    How long does each route take? 

    MADRID CITY TOUR service has been designed in the way that Route 1 lasts about 80 minutes and Route 2 lasts about 60 minutes. However these routes times may vary, because of the traffic, the number of people at the stops and others. Remember that you can hop on and off at any bus stop when you like on the same day.

    Is it possible to get into the bus at any stop, or should I go to the first stop in the route? 

    If you already have your tickets or would like to purchase them on the bus itself, you may get the bus at everyone of the MADRID CITY TOUR stops.

    Can I get off the bus and take it again later? 

    Yes, the ticket allows to hop on-off and change the routes as many as you like, using it in a non-limited way, during the official schedule of MADRID CITY TOUR.

    Are animals allowed on board?

    With the exception of guide dogs and small dogs in carriers, no animals or pets of any kind are permitted on board Madrid City Tour buses.

  • Tickets and points of sale

    Do I have to buy a ticket for each route? 

    No, the ticket allows to hop on-off and change the routes as many as you like, using it in a non-limited way, during the official schedule of MADRID CITY TOUR.

    Is the ticket valid for one day or for 24 hours?

    The MADRID CITY TOUR ticket is valid for one or two consecutive days, as you choose and its validity fits with MADRID CITY TOUR schedule.

    Where can I buy the tickets? 

    MADRID CITY TOUR tickets may be bought by fours different ways: going to our main sale point (calle Felipe IV, between the Prado Museum and the Ritz Hotel); on the bus itself, which may be got into at any point within the route; in this web site; or through the app City Tour Worldwide.

    How can I request a refund for my ticket?

    You can request a full refund of the price of your tickets up to 24 hours before the booking date. The refund must be requested by emailing customers-mad@city-tour.com or through our Contact Form indicating the reservation holder, date of purchase and the voucher ID code.

    What is the discount policy between Madrid City Tour and Barcelona City Tour if I have already bought tickets for one of the two destinations?

    To get a 10% discount on Barcelona City Tour tickets you must first present your Madrid City Tour tickets at the Barcelona City Tour Information Office (Julia Travel Shop, C/Sardenya 311; next to Sagrada Familia). By presenting your Madrid City Tour tickets on board the Barcelona City Tour buses you can get a €2 discount. 

    By presenting your Barcelona City Tour tickets at our Madrid City Tour information point (Calle Felipe IV, between the Prado Museum and the Ritz Hotel), or on board our buses, you will also receive a 10% discount. 


  • Issues

    I have already purchased my tickets, but I can't print the voucher, what can I do? 

    You can show your ticket through your electronic device. 

    If this is not possible, please note down the booking reference number (several numbers and letters) that bears on your screen. Go to our Information Center, located at Felipe IV str., between Prado Museum and Ritz Hotel, and explain to our staff what happened to you. Just identify by showing an ID or a passport. Once checked your booking you will be given your tickets.

    When paying with my credit card, the system denies the operation, what can I do?

    Our online system only accepts AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards. If you are trying to pay with other card, the system will deny the operation.

    I have made a purchase on the webpage/app but I am not sure if it has been processed correctly. How can I know it?

    If the transaction has been processed correctly, you will receive a confirmation via email. Anyway, if you have coverage problems, do not make the purchase more than once until you receive the confirmation.

    I have made a purchase on the webpage/app but I have not received the voucher. What do I have to do?

    If you make a purchase and do not receive any email with the vouchers attached, please, contact us in customers-mad@city-tour.com and we will send them to you.

    Do you have a lost property office?

    Yes, please go to our customer service office, located next to Museo del Prado. This information point is to be found at Felipe IV Street. You can also contact us by phone on (+34) 913692732 or email at customers-mad@city-tour.com

Covid-19 Protection Protocol

Madrid City Tour has implemented all hygiene and sanitation, disinfection, and protection measures necessary to guarantee the safe use of its vehicles by employees and passengers.

Cleaning and Disinfection:

  • Use of highly effective products that kill viruses and bacteria.

Vehicle occupancy:

  • Do not use the seats marked as "not available".

Protective equipment: 

  • Use   of   masks   and   other   protective equipment   by   our   employees and  passengers. 
  • Hand sanitizer freely available for employees and passengers.

Distancing and contact prevention: 

  • Marked circuit for the circulation of passengers inside the bus. 
  • Only passengers wearing their own mask, which must be worn for the entire journey on the upper and lower deck of the vehicle, will be allowed on board.

Disclosure of information: 

  • Infographics and posters with the procedures to be followed to protect employees and passengers on display. 
  • Information shared directly with passengers through social media and on our website.