Environmental Policies



The Management of the company declares its decision to maintain an Environmental, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety Management System, in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001, 50001 and 45001 standards, respectively, in addition to the EMAS Regulation for the continuous improvement and prevention of pollution in the activities we carry out, energy optimisation, as well as the prevention of occupational health and safety of its workers and the improvement of the performance of the integrated management system in the areas of quality, environment, energy and prevention.

Our passenger transport activity in the municipality of Madrid is carried out with a clear focus on the continuous improvement of the service to obtain the satisfaction of all our clients, applying the guidelines and quality criteria established in the UNE 13816 standard.

As a consequence of this, it assumes the commitment to lead, develop and maintain this system in order to comply with the applicable legal requirements and with other requirements that our organisation subscribes to related to its environmental, quality, energy and Health and Safety at Work aspects.

In this sense, we are committed to:

  • Elaborate a Prevention Plan within the framework of the Law on Occupational Risk Prevention, to integrate Prevention in the management of the company, that is to say, in all activities and decisions, both in technical processes, in the organisation of work, and at all levels of the hierarchical line.
  • Identify and manage the environmental and energy aspects related to our activity for continuous sustainability, waste prevention and environmental protection.
  • Optimise available and necessary resources and improve consumption and energy.
  • Training, qualification and competence of its staff for the provision of the services performed.
  • Leadership in service quality by improving competitiveness and providing the necessary material and human resources.
  • To promote the acquisition of products and vehicles of maximum energy efficiency according to the existing and reliable technology of the moment, as well as the design to the extent of our possibilities.
  • To provide the necessary information and resources to the interested parties in order to achieve the objectives set.

This quality, environment, energy and occupational risk prevention policy is the responsibility of EVERYONE and EVERYONE who works in the company. It also serves as a reference to establish the objectives and goals of the Integrated Management System.

The Management of the company undertakes to provide the appropriate resources for the development of the Integrated Management System, to disseminate it to all personnel and other interested parties, and to promote its compliance, and expresses its desire that the entire organisation be involved in the development of the System, collaborating in its maintenance and each one assuming the obligations that correspond to them.

Date of approval: January 2022

Fdo. A. Barinaga

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