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Malasaña is that mythical quarter known for being the cradle of la Movida madrileña, nowadays considered as the new hipster quarter of the city. People say it is a visionary neighbourhood, the point where everything starts. Nevertheless, the truth is that nowadays modern restaurants and second hand shops coexist with the traditional bars and markets. The story says that its name comes from the name of the street in memory of the young dressmaker Manuela Malasaña, murdered by Napoleon’s troops after the uprising the 2nd May 1808.

Plaza 2 de Mayo is the core of this picturesque area and a traditional meeting point for different generations. It is another scene of the uprising against the French army, which still preserves the main door of the ancient headquarter Cuartel de Monteleón. In this square you can find diverse businesses like a traditional barber shop, which is very fashionable nowadays, or a very original souvenirs shop.

We cannot talk about Malasaña without mentioning ‘la Movida’, a countercultural movement product of the Transition that was extended to other provinces and was lengthened until the 80’s. Malasaña was one of the neuralgic centres of this movement and Penta bar, one of the most important meeting points. Now it has become a cult place. There, some mythical Spanish bands were created, for example Nacha Pop, and it was the bar where famous artists like Alaska started to sound.

This unique quarter has also its modern face. In Malasaña many urban artists join together to express its creations on the walls, street lamps or even on the bins of the streets. However, you can find lots of art galleries as well, in which you will be able to discover emergent art, graphic art or photography.

Get ready to discover the coolest quarter of Madrid with Madrid City Tour thanks to our tourist bus hop-on hop-off. If you want to discover Malasaña, take the route Historical Madrid and get off at the stop 9. You will have the chance to penetrate into the quarter after a short stroll of 5 minutes. 

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