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In January and July we have sales but in November we have the Black Friday! On this day we can find clothes, accessories and much more at a discount. In some instances, the discounts extend during the weekend and there is even a Black Week.

Do you know the history of Black Friday? There are different versions: It is said that this expression was created by a group of retailers who after a year of operating at a loss finally earned a profit after Thanksgiving. Therefore they went from being in the red to be in “black numbers”.  Another version says that the expression “Black Friday” was created by the Philadelphia’s police in the 50s, with this term they described the chaos that was formed in the city on the day after Thanksgiving.

What goes without saying is that Black Friday marks the beginning of Christmas season. Besides, this afternoon, at 18:00 the Christmas lights will be lightened for the first time. What a fantastic way to end your shopping day, right? If you want to see them comfortably get on the tourist bus of Madrid City Tour. This Black Friday live a new experience.

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