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This year Madrid celebrates Lorca Year 2019, which commemorates the centenary of the poet’s arrival to the capital. Federico García Lorca arrived and settled at the Student Residence of Madrid at the age of 21. Madrid marked a before and an after in the life and work of Lorca.

Throughout this year there will be conferences, plays, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural activities in homage to one of the most famous poets of the known as generation of 27.

From 18th to 23rd February the International Congress is held, one of the central events of this event. It will consist of a total of sixteen lectures divided into six venues: The first of the stages is the Reina Sofia National Museum, where you may find some drawings of this author. The second day will take place in Universidad Complutense, where Lorca premiered La vida es sueño, by Calderón de la Barca as director of the company La Barraca.

The Student Residence is another venue of the International Conference, where a very young Lorca coincided with artists such as Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel. The Auditorium of Real Casa de Correos; Teatro Español de Madrid and Teatros del Canal are the rest of places that will allocate this event.

In addition to this conference, other cultural events will honour the trajectory of Lorca. For instance, the cycle of conferences Mujeres en el arte (Women in arts) which will analyse the female characters in Lorca’s works.

La Noche de los Teatros –Theatres Night— which will be held on March 30th and La Noche de los Libros – Book Night— on April 26th will have different workshops related to Lorca.

If you are a literature, music or dance lover don’t miss out the events that will be celebrated in Madrid all year long, Lorca’s year.

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