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  • 11 juil. 2017

    The secrets of Chueca

    Cathégories: Essentiels

    Thanks to the recent celebration of the World Pride Madrid, Chueca is the centre of attention one more time. Nevertheless, what is known about this magic quarter named by the compositor of ...

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  • 01 juin 2017

    Mercado de San Ildefonso Street Food Fest

    From the 30th of May to the 10th of July, Mercado de San Ildefonso, the first gastronomic market of the capital of Spain, will hold a very special festival: the Street ...

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  • 23 mai 2017

    Street markets in Madrid

    Cathégories: Marchés

    All big cities have a lot of street markets of food, clothes and second-hand stuff. Do you want to know our favorite ones? Get on Madrid City Tour official tourist bus and we ...

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  • 21 avr. 2017

    The Books night in Madrid

    Sometimes we just focus on exercising our body but we forget the importance of exercising our mind. That is the reason why we should keep our brain active, and there is no better way to do it ...

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  • 09 mars 2017

    Food on wheels in Madrid

    Cathégories: Marchés

    Street food is a new foodie revolution that has triumph in all Europe and now it’s bursting onto the scene in Madrid. This new concept of cuisine wants to bring closer ...

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