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  • 12 févr. 2019

    Lorca Year 2019

    Cathégories: Essentiels

    This year Madrid celebrates Lorca Year 2019, which commemorates the centenary of the poet's arrival to the capital. Federico García Lorca arrived and settled at the Student Residence ...

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  • 17 janv. 2019

    January, month of Gastronomy in Madrid

    A new year always comes full of good intentions: quit smoking, start to exercise and maybe eat better. If this last is one of your resolutions for 2019, you may get some ideas at the two ...

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  • 05 déc. 2018

    Glass Palace

    Cathégories: Monuments

    In the Retiro Park there is a building that stands out for its resemblance to a greenhouse, in fact it was. The Glass Palace was built on the occasion of the Exposición de Flora de las ...

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  • 23 nov. 2018

    Black Friday 2018

    In January and July we have sales but in November we have the Black Friday! On this day we can find clothes, accessories and much more at a discount. In some instances, the discounts extend ...

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  • 23 oct. 2018

    The Madrid of the Austrias

    Cathégories: Essentiels

    To say Madrid de los Austrias is to say old Madrid. The Madrid that flourished as capital of the Habsburg dynasty, in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from ...

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