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Círculo de Bellas Artes (Suspended)

Círculo de Bellas Artes
  • Route 1: Historical Madrid
  • Extended Route 1: Historical Madrid

This impressive building in the Alcalá Street was designed by the architect Antonio Palacios and offers a prime example of Madrid's cultural life. Work on the building began in 1921, and it opened in 1926. It has a rectangular floor plan with a façade tending towards a pyramidal shape. Its distinctive ornamentation features sculptures of the goddess Minerva among others. The building stands 48 metres high and its spectacular interior contains exhibition rooms, a library, a beautiful lounge/dining room, in addition to a dance hall and the Sala de Columnas function room.

*This stop is temporarily suspended due to the pedestrianisation of Puerta del Sol. We will soon offer a new definitive tourist route.