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  • 05 Dez 2018

    Glass Palace

    Kategorien: Denkmäler

    In the Retiro Park there is a building that stands out for its resemblance to a greenhouse, in fact it was. The Glass Palace was built on the occasion of the Exposición de Flora de las ...

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  • 23 Nov 2018

    Black Friday 2018

    In January and July we have sales but in November we have the Black Friday! On this day we can find clothes, accessories and much more at a discount. In some instances, the discounts extend ...

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  • 23 Okt 2018

    The Madrid of the Austrias

    Kategorien: Must-see

    To say Madrid de los Austrias is to say old Madrid. The Madrid that flourished as capital of the Habsburg dynasty, in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from ...

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  • 26 Sep 2018

    Madrid Oktoberfest 2018

    Kategorien: Feste

    One more year, summer ends and one of the most awaited celebrations arrives: Oktoberfest.

    Oktoberfest, the beer festival, is the most important celebration in Germany. The duration of ...

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  • 10 Aug 2018

    Madrid from the heights

    From Madrid to heaven… or Madrid from the heights. Complete your visit to the capital discovering the best views of the city from the height. Here you are some ideas:

    Mirador de ...

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